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Just what is this community about?
hotbitches4hire is a playful and clever new rating community where you will be rated on how much of a HOT BITCH you are. We're not your average community, I mean sure we have all the usual grueling application, themes, strange ritualistic rules and so on, but we're so much more than that.
Furthermore it's better to understand a word if we break. it. down. So let's do just that.
HOT - You must be pleasing to the eye.
BITCH - You've gotta have an attitude to match your sweet ass.
4HIRE - Ok, we're not really a prostitution community (but "ladies of the night" are certainly welcome too!), it was just for fun so we don't start taking ourselves too seriously and lose sight of what really matters - sexiness and sassiness.

1. You must post an application within a day of joining. If you don't, we'll just take you off the list.
2. You will be rated based on your looks, your attitude and your street smarts. We don't care how well you did on your SATs - you can't hide behind those numbers forever.
3. You must be a STAMPED member to make posts other than your application. DO NOT SPAM ANY MEMBERS' LIVEJOURNALS.
4. Keep in mind you're applying for other people's opinion and it can be very harsh if you rub us the wrong way. So don't cry and carry on. We could be much, much worse.
5. You must be at least 16 to apply. If we find out you're lying you will rue the day you crossed us.
6. Any applicant who becomes abusive to members will be BANNED. Any member who is abusive to applicants or other members will spend a week in "jail" where they have a week to come up with pictures and text showing they're worth keeping and not should not just be thrown out on their ass.
7. If you're rejected, you can reapply as soon as you like, but change up your application a little so as to not bore us.
8. When applying put "Ooh baby you want me?" in the subject, or be DENIED!!! AND promote us too. :)
9. Your application will be open to 2 days of voting. After the close of the second day, you will get an accepted or rejected stamp based on how many yes's or no's you got.
10. If you're accepted, you must salute within one week or we'll take it as you're fake and you'll be kicked out. And all posts made forthwith must have STAMPED in the subject.
11. A promotion doesn't mean automatic acception, so please understand. Impress us with your application.
(Until we get up to 10 members, the MODs will discuss and either accept or reject you because we simply don't have enough people to vote obviously. So that means, we need 7 more people before official voting begins. However, early members can have some sway in decisions until we reach that 10. We're not a freakin dictatorship here, we love democracy.)

Themes will be either chosen by mods or members. We're quite open. When we have at least 10 members, we'll start the themes.

Any member who promotes to at least 10 people who apply and get accepted will win a prize! No really, they'll win a paid account for a YEAR. Regardless, promote promote promote!!

And now...

The Application

Let's get those basics out of the way...

01. Your name:
02. Your age:
03. Your preference (sexually):
04. Your current location:

And here's the part to see how well you would blend into our community...

05. Education:
06. Drink? Smoke cigarettes? Do anything else of that nature?
07. Sex?
08. Favorite Music/Favorite Movie/Favorite TV Shows:
09. Political Affiliation:
10. Where did you hear about us from? (Include a member's LJ name if they recommended us to you.)
11. What journal did you promote us to?

And here's the part where you show us some intelligence and attitude.

12. Exactly why do you think you belong here?
13. What's your definition and examples of what's sexy to you?
14. What's your honest opinion of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears? And which would you choose?
15. What is your favorite feature and WHY?
16. What is your personal label? (Goth, Skater, Prep, Nerd, Ghetto, Slut, etc) and what makes you think you belong in that category?
17. What are your thoughts on:
a- Abortion
b- Social Security
c- The Iraqi War
d- Capital Punishment
18. Who is the most influential person in/to your life?
19. If you could pick one person to be for a day, who would it be?
20. What is the meanest, most low-down, bitchy thing you've ever done?
21. What qualities do you bring to the table here at Hot Bitches 4 Hire?

Heres where we get "scandalous"....
22. Are you a virgin?
23. If not, what age was "innocence lost"?
24. Are you silent or a bit of a free spirited "screamer" during love making?
25. What is the preferred position?
26. Name one huge mistake you've learned as a result of sex:
27. Name the most scandalous sex related thing that has happened to you:
28. What is your take on masturbation?
29. Name your biggest, most kinky fetish:
30. Would you ever shop in a sex store to satisfy your "needs"?
31. What are your thoughts on Hentai? Too taboo?
32. Name one person, besides a boy/girl friend that you would fuck:

Finally, show us at least 3 pictures of you with at least one body shot BEHIND AN LJ CUT. If you don't you have and lj cut, you have 24 hrs to fix it or be REJECTED!

**If Your Accepted....Here is Your Stamp**

**You need to use these to promote our community!!!**

Oh and one more thing:
nichtengel - Jo

shedevil1428 - Katharine
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kissmy_scars - Mary

be VERY nice to them why don't you?

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